Yoga Styles Everyone Can Practice

Yoga Styles Everyone Can Practice

If you are like me and have a busy mind, always thinking about the next task, maybe you need yoga to help you develop mental strength, too.

Although mastering the form and spending time showing off a perfect pose on an empty beach or atop a scenic mountain looks good, yoga is about building strength. No matter how much I can bench press, there will always be a need for yoga in my life.

Yoga styles everyone can practice

Yoga styles everyone can practice

Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is a style that truly encourages the mind-body connection. It is a very traditional practice focused on truly controlling the breath and calming the mind through meditation.

I find this style of yoga practice great for slow, controlled, and focused movements, and it is my favorite for a full mental workout. This style is great for anyone new to exercise because a lot of emphases is placed on being in perfect alignment.

Ashtanga yoga

There are many variations of this dynamic style, but traditional ashtanga yoga is based on a set of flowing movements. Each movement is directly connected to your breath: one movement on your inhale and the next movement on your exhale.

If you like to follow a set routine without much variation, this style of yoga is for you. No matter which studio you go to, the flow will be the same, making it a perfect choice for people who travel and love to keep some consistency in their routine.

Bikram or hot yoga

Bikram yoga is a mind-body-physical challenge like no other. This style is based very closely on the traditional ashtanga flow yoga but with an added element of difficulty. The room is kept at a temperature of about 100-105 degrees. The heat makes you sweat profusely and creates an environment that is believed to help the body detoxify, and it also improves your ability to stretch further with each pose.

Bikram yoga can help you to get strong toned sexy arms, flat lean abs, and killer leg definition because the flow of movements in the heat challenges your entire body. I love it because I can’t think about running errands or anything other than breathing and moving in an attempt to stay alive and survive! I believe I gain true mental strength and willpower from practicing this style because just staying in the room is a challenge for me. Many studios use great music to help keep you motivated, but let me warn you that this practice is not for those people new to exercise.