What is an anti-aging or age management program?

Our anti-aging program includes five core elements. HGH and testosterone therapy, balanced healthy nutrition, a good exercise routine, an annual age-appropriate medical exam with complete blood analysis, and nutritional supplements as medically necessary.

At all life stages, human growth hormone (HGH) is essential and has been shown to be most effective when injected for absorption into the bloodstream. HGH therapy offers a powerful way to vitalize your body and help you feel younger.

Our HGH clinic serves the United States and Canada. Our focus is to provide only the highest quality HGH injections to residents of Tucson, Arizona. If you are feeling the ravages of aging, address them with HGH and regain your vitality, your state of mind and physique. Using comprehensive medical examinations and blood tests HGH therapy will raise your levels to where they were in your twenties.

HGH injections are calibrated and prescribed in IU (international units). Average male patients inject 2.0 IU per day, 5 days on and 2 days off, for a total of 43.00 IU per month. The patient’s weight and the results obtained from basic blood tests will determine the prescribed dosage. Human growth hormone HGH levels are obtained by a test called IGF -1 (Insulin Growth Factor 1).

We supply our patients with HGH injections in pen form from 10 mg – 30 IU. Injection pens are compact and versatile devices that allow you to inject amounts of HGH smoothly, quickly, easily, and reliably, in accordance with the patient’s needs.

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