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Testimonial - HGH - Human Growth Hormone

I’m feeling absolutely wonderful , you were absolutely right to continue with the progesterone tablets. I changed to taking them in the morning instead of at bedtime which may have helped but, at any rate, the headaches and lightheadedness are gone. What I’m really pleased with is that over the past 6 weeks or so, I have developed a wonderful appetite and am really enjoying my food again and yet I have really noticed a positive change in body fat. It’s incredible; I’ve lost the bloated look I had and I have muscle tone again. I also don’t wake up all sweaty and uncomfortable and so I’m also sleeping much better and I have vivid dreams like I used to dream when I was younger; I feel like a potted plant taken out of a dark cellar and put back into the sunshine!!

I’m going to try to get my husband in to see you sometime this week; I would love him to feel better than he does. I will call your office this afternoon to make an appointment for him.
Thanks very much for your care and your follow up concern; I’ve got another appointment to see you at the of August and look forward to seeing you again at that time.