3 Ways To Release Tension

3 Ways To Release Tension

Prolonged periods of sitting can’t always be avoided, but there are steps you can take to make the time you’re sitting more comfortable.

The more productive you can be during your set work hours, the more time you can spend in your personal life focusing on getting fit and doing activities that you enjoy.

3 Ways to release tension

3 Ways to release tension

Our technology-driven world, combined with long commuting hours, is having a negative effect on our overall health and well-being.

I believe that we all must find ways to improve our quality of life because even our personal time often revolves around answering emails or sitting with some sort of screen.

1. Meditate

Meditation is a good option for reducing your stress level at work. Spending some time disconnecting from the chaos of life, attempting to quiet your mind and be in a calm state of awareness, may help you to focus and become more productive at work.

2. Listen to music

Listening to some of your favorite music during a break can help to boost your mood. Put together a playlist of songs that make you feel happy and relaxed, and make an effort to listen to a few of them throughout the day. Another great way to release tension is to perform simple stretches at your desk throughout the day to relieve any tight muscles.

3. Sit correctly

Make sure your computer screen is at an angle so that you are looking straight ahead and not bending your neck. Adjust your chair height so that you can use the keyboard with your wrists and forearms straight and level with the floor. Your elbows should be by the side of your body so that the arm forms an L-shape at the elbow joint.

Try adjusting your chair so that your lower back is properly supported. A correctly adjusted chair will reduce the strain on your back. Your knees should be slightly lower than your hips and your feet should be flat on the floor. If having your feet on the floor is awkward, you can use a footrest, which lets you rest your feet at a level that’s comfortable.